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Tree Surgeon in Colchester

Trees are a vital part of our lives. Aside from their calming aesthetics, trees are cherished homes of many animals. They also add a sense of sentiment and seasonal interest to our communities, not to mention physically keeping us alive. They should be treated with respect by professionals to keep them safe and healthy. 

With 18 year's experience in the industry, JF Tree Specialists are the obvious choice for a tree surgeon in Colchester. All of our team members are fully qualified arborists with the National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC). Using the latest technique and equipment, we can provide a wide range of services from a regular health surveys to full removal. Conveniently located in Colchester, we are able to serve across Essex and Suffolk.

Do you need a tree surgeon in Colchester? Our qualified arborists offer tree surgery throughout Essex. Call us today on 01206 231720 .

Tree Surgery

We are Approved Contractors for large organisations, from councils to private domestic gardens. JF Tree Specialists offers a personal and professional service to all customers. We provide guidance and solutions for issues concerning the legislation, safety and welfare of trees, and local authority applications. We provide a complete range of tree care services from decompacting root zones, to complete tree removals.

Tree surgery is an art that, if carried out sympathetically, should not harm the tree; we have the experience and equipment that safeguards you and your home or property. We are devoted to the environment and also assure all potential customers that we endeavor to maintain a forward-thinking attitude in environmental sustainability. Our goal is to reduce any impact of our services, ensuring environment-friendly waste strategies are implemented throughout the company and all of our services.

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Tree Surveys

Tree surveys are an efficient method to diagnose any existing and potential issues within the trees and their surrounding environment. A report is sometimes required for insurance companies and to finalise mortgages, or a tree survey can also be used to appraise the health of the tree stock and identify remedial methods. 

There are multiple reasons for surveying a tree. Its the law: Land owners and occupiers have a duty of care to ensure the trees on their property are safe and not posing a threat to the health and safety of any third parties include pedestrians and neighbours. As assets, tree surveys may be required to establish the condition of your trees for insurance purposes. Some trees are more at risk of direct or indirect damage to buildings due to mechanical failure, contact of roots or tree related subsidence and a report might be required for lenders before a mortgage is finalised. 

After carrying out the survey, JF Tree Specialists can produce concise reports detailing our findings and if required, advise on remedial work.We work with councils and other local authorities in monitoring and managing the trees in the infrastructure. We provide support for Tree Officers in planning, ongoing maintenance surveys and keeping computerised records.We continually train our staff to the highest standard to offer the most professional service to our customers. We have experience in all aspects of arboriculture and tree management so whether you'd like us to survey one tree or a small forest, give us a call on 07841 623027 and see how we can help.

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Planning Arboricultural Reports

As fully qualified tree surveyors and tree surgeons, JF Tree Specialists can produce a detailed report after undertaking any surveys. These reports may be required for insurance purposes, assisting in planning permission application or even monitoring the health of trees in a given area. 

We use the latest surveying techniques and equipment to ensure you receive the most accurate and unbiased result from your survey. Some of the reports we can produce include a Tree Constraints Plan, Arboricultural Method Statements, Arboricultural Impact Assessments (AIA) and Tree Protection Plan. The BS5837 report is usually commissioned for a construction project to assess the impact of the project and is needed in the planning permission applications. 

Qualified Arborist

When it comes to arboricultural services, it's vital to ensure that you employ a competent specialist with experience in the aspect of tree services that you are commissioning. Always seek advice of a qualified arborist if you need to attend to the health of a tree. Never attempt any arboricultural work if you do not have relevant experience, qualification or the correct equipment.
  • Lime tree surgery
  • Walnut tree surgery
  • Elm tree surgery
  • Holly tree surgery
  • Oak tree surgery
  • Beech tree surgery

Our Managing Director holds a BSc in Horticulture; Level 3 Technician’s certificate in Arboriculture; Professional Tree Inspector’s qualification as well as a City & Guilds in Arboriculture. This means when you choose to work with us you can be sure that you are working with a leading specialist who can provide an efficient and reliable service. We are also approved contractors for large organisations and local authorities, such as councils and housing developers. 

Do you need a tree surgeon in Colchester? Our qualified arborists offer tree surgery throughout North East Essex and Suffolk. Call us today on 01206 231720 .

Tree Removal

We aim to provide services which keep trees healthy and thriving in its environment, but there are some instances where tree removal, or tree felling, is the best option. It is one of the most difficult aspects of arboriculture and requires extensive attention and expertise. You should never attempt tree removal without related equipment and competence- accidents can be dangerous and costly to fix.

  • Tree Removal
  • Hedge Cutting
  • Tree Pruning
  • Veteran Tree Work
  • Root Zone Work
  • Crown Reduction
  • Soil Decompaction
  • Stump Grinding

The removal of a tree is sometimes due to disease and decay. If a tree is diagnosed with a disease or has become hazardous, it's practical to remove the tree to protect the surrounding plants and environment. Trees may also be removed because of inconvenient locations or site development. Depending on the size and location, the tree surgeon needs to carefully plan around the surrounding infrastructure such as power cables, pipes and other properties. We are fully insured and highly skilled tree surgeons capable of handling all sizes of tree removal in Colchester, you can count on us to provide a speedy service with minimal disruption.

Firewood For Sale Essex

Further to our outstanding arboricultural services, JF Tree Specialists are also reliable suppliers of dry, seasoned logs. We steadily have firewood for sale, perfect for the winter seasons to fill up your stock. All of our logs are carefully dried in our purpose-built facility and most are brought in from our tree pruning and felling projects. So you can be sure they are sourced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Here are some of our current prices:
£100 for 1m3

£195 for 2m3

£285 for 3m3
Our firewood are approximately 80% hardwood, making them ideal for BBQs, wood burners and fire pits. If required, we also supply woodchip for adding mulching in the garden to suppress weeds, retain water in the soil and improve the soil condition, or an attractive ground covering for pathways or decorative landscaping.

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